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Travelling to

The Holy Land

could be one of the greatest adventures one would take. It could be very exciting. There are a lot beautiful spots that you can go and of course each spot that you will visit will live you a good message about Christianity and the life of Jesus Christ. Taking a time to tour at the Holy Land is actually a fascinating experience. It will definitely be worth everything.
We all know that the Holy Land is filled with memories and stories of the life of Christ and most visitors come in the Holy Land to pray and do pilgrims. The intention of visiting the Holy Land is quite different from all of the other adventures one must have taken. In the Holy Land, you will enjoy yourself like you have never imagined and yet you are learning and your spiritual mind is filled with so much memories.
In taking the trip, you have to see to it that you have set all things before time. You need to have all the things you need and of course, just like in any other travel destinations, it is very important that you know the emergency numbers you needed the whole travel. Below are some of the things you need to write down and save in your phone:
1. Police – 100
2. Magen David Adom(Medical Service/ Ambulance)- 101
Ambulance you can call to bring you in the nearest emergency hospitals:
 Tel Aviv: 03-5460111
 Jerusalem: 02-6523133
 Haifa: 04 8512233
3. Fire Department – 102

4. Shakhal ( Cardiac Emergencies) – 1-800-444666 or 1-800-221818
5. Tourist Police- 03-5165382 if an emergency arises. The tourist police office is located on the corner of Geula and Herbert Samuel Streets, in Tel Aviv.
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6. Electric Company 103
7. Municipal Hotline 106

8. First Aid
 Terem Talpiot
Phone: 1-599-520-520
Address: 6 Yanovsky St, Talpiot

 Terem City Entrance
Phone: +972-2-509-3333
Address: 80 Yirmeyahu St, Romema

 Terem Katamon
Phone: +972-2-561-2139
Address: 4 Gedud Haivri St, Katamon

 Terem Bikur Holim Hospital
Phone: 1-599-520-520 extension 2
Address: 74 Hanvi’im Street

9. Hospitals
 Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem
Phone: +972-2-677-7111

 Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus
Phone: +972-2-584-4111

 Sharei Zedek Hospital
Phone: +972-2-666-6666
 Bikkur Cholim Hospital
Phone: +972-2-646-4444

10. Low-cost medical & dental clinic in the Old City open to tourists
Phone: +972-2-627-1958
Address: Greek Orthodox Patriarchate Road, Christian Quarter, Old City

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