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Christian Religious Places: A Visit to Holy Land

If you are thinking of visiting the holy land then you should pursue it. Never think twice because it is definitely worth it. There are a lot of places written in the Bible that you can set foot on, historical places and churches that will open your eyes to things that we never knew that can widely affect our own belief. In 1945, Stalin altered the look of several post-war cities. In the rules of Leviticus, it did say that practicing homosexuals ought to be put to death, precisely the same punishment was prescribed for kids who cheeked their parents, and for individuals who wore two kinds of cloth at the exact same time, or planted two forms of seed together in the identical area or garden.

Aside from the holy places that you can visit, there are also a lot of crafts that you can appreciate in person. It is made by the locals and the materials used come from their own land. You can buy the set of nativities that are available in the market and make it as a souvenir or a goodie that you can take home to your family and friends. Through this, they will also get the chance to experience the holy land even if they weren’t really there but a piece is brought home for them, a symbol that the holy land existed.


Indeed the holy land is full of sacred places that are very much important to the totality of Christianity as it played a great role in its existence. Almost all of the places are greatly connected to the history of our religion on how Christianity started and how it was spread up to this day. It is where Jesus lived, died and resurrected. It is where His teachings spread. The Holy land is the exact story of Jesus, it is His life.

Places such as Nazareth, the Jordan River, Cana of Galillee and Sea of Galilee. All of these places played an important role in the story of Jesus and Christianity. Nazareth is the birthplace of Jesus, it is where He was born and discovered a lot of things as a kid. Visiting Nazareth will allow you to experience the streets where Jesus walked and played. Next is the Jordan River, it is where Jesus was baptized. When you visit the Jordan River, you will experience adventure as it is the perfect spot for recollection while feeling the calmness of the place. Next is the Cana of Galilee where Jesus performed a miracle by turning the water into wine during a wedding ceremony. Cana of Galilee is usually made to be a place for Christian Wedding or renewal of vows. You can probably witness one during your visit.

Holy Land

And of course the Sea of Galilee, the place where Jesus gathered His first disciples and walked on the water, a miracle He showed His disciples. The Sea of Galilee is surrounded by mountains so beautiful that you will really feel His existence. You will gaze upon the same views which Jesus did, and hopefully you will find inspiration just like He did. The entire surrounding of the Sea of Galilee is filled with history. You might want to take the stone path from Capernaum to the place of multiplication of loaves and fishes.

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