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Getting the Feel before Your Holy Land Tours

Getting the chance to be part of any Holy Land tours is definitely a privilege. Not all people are the given the chance to know more about the religious history of the world in actual. The Holy Land is filled with memories and culture that will bring to what it’s like in the past – to what it’s like in the times of Jesus Christ.


When we talk about Holy Land tours, it will include a tour to Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Jerusalem is one of the most visited places in the whole world, not because it has a lot of beaches to die for or other beautiful spots but simply because of the fact that this is where Jesus Christ died for all of us. Jerusalem is also filled with a lot of history that is quite interesting. It has existed even in the times of Christ and it has witnessed a lot of meaningful events.

Although there are a lot of write ups about Jerusalem, going there is totally a different experience. As you step into every corner of the place, you will feel the wind caressing your skin and it seems that it brings you back to the days where Jesus has walked on the same soil that you are walking. The stones in every building are a proof that the place existed for million years yet it remained firm and tall. This may be because of the strong foundation and the presence of Jesus Christ.

Jerusalem will actually give you different kinds of emotions that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You will feel joy and freedom in every corner of the place, you will also feel the high spirit of the place which would bring you close to Jesus Christ. Aside from that, the city is made with great design and architecture. There are a lot of historic and archaeological sites that tourist would surely love to visit. It is true that Jerusalem is the land of holiness but it is also the land of arts and creativity because there are a lot of good things that you will see in Jerusalem.

In terms of historical points, Jerusalem is surrounded by walls which is actually comes in four quarters for the Jewish, Armenian, Christian and the Muslims. In it are temples and churches that people would pray and visit. This is where your amazing journey will start as you witness the holiness of the place. Pilgrims would usually follow the path Jesus went through as they step in Jerusalem and pass 14 stations in the Via Dolorosa as what Jesus Christ did in His time.

Before you end your Jerusalem journey, you should see to it that you will buy Holy Jerusalem Cross your love ones and friends. They will surely love this and aside from that they will also receive the blessing, love, peace and guidance brought by the Holy Jerusalem Cross. Giving them this will serve as a symbol of your love and care for them.


Sometimes it’s hard to choose gifts for our family because we are not sure on which gift would make them happy. But with this Holy Jerusalem Cross –, you can be sure that they would love this and they will even be thankful that you have thought of them while you are in Jerusalem. This will also save you from all the hassles of shopping from one store to another because you can buy this in just one stop and you can be sure that all of the things that you will buy will serve as a great instrument of your visit to Jerusalem.

Remember that when we say Jerusalem, we are talking about its holiness and the passion of Jesus Christ to save us. By giving this gift, you are also saving your friends and family because this will serve as a reminder for them of the sacrifices and love of Jesus Christ for us. You’ll never know what change this will bring to you and your family along with your relationship with them. This will strengthen your bond with them and make your relationship grow more and more each day.


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