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Handmade Jerusalem Cross from the Holy Land

The Jerusalem Cross, otherwise called the Crusaders Cross and the Five-Fold Cross, is involved Greek and Tau crosses. Four Tau crosses meet in the middle making a Greek cross. Four extra Greek crosses, one in every corner, make a sum of five crosses.

Handmade Cross

The five crosses speak to the five injuries Jesus got on the cross. The vast focus cross speaks to the injury in Jesus’ side while the four littler crosses speak to the injuries he got in his grasp and feet. The substantial focus cross speaks to Jesus and the four littler crosses speak to the four Gospel journalists. The four littler crosses speak to the four edges of the earth to which the gospel is being taken or for which Jesus passed on. The five crosses speak to the five countries dynamic in the Crusades: Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The five crosses speak to the five realms of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Produced using Olive wood and measuring 15.0cm x 15.0 cm, the Holy Jerusalem cross is made with two layers of Olive Wood, hand cut with designs and delightfully exhibited, it has four crosses on its corners symbolizing the four accounts spreading to the four sides of the earth. The bigger cross is the image of Jesus Christ. This Holy Cross was taken into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and set upon The Stone of The Anointing – where Jesus was arranged for burial. Whether you need it for yourself or as a special blessing to your dear ones, a Holy Cross is an extraordinary approach to bring the soul of Jesus straightforwardly from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Israel.


We supply you with the right blessing with a remarkable sacredness intended to the individuals who wish to have their trusts, dreams, and supplications to God read and recognized inside the dividers of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Acknowledging what a blessing the Lord had issued us by living in Jerusalem where Jesus Tomb is found, we’ve thought of the thought to help many individuals everywhere throughout the world who can’t come to Jerusalem themselves.

Having this Handmade Jerusalem cross will somehow make you feel the presence of the Lord. So, be sure that you become a blessing to your love ones by giving them this handmade Jerusalem cross.

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