The Hula Bird Festival in Israel

Israel is an incredible place to have a go at birding having over 500 occupant and vagrant species. This is because of its area in the eastern Mediterranean at the intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa. Northern Israel is honoured with a richness of water sources, jagged volcanic mountains in the northeast and a mild atmosphere, all of which lure species not discovered in different parts of Israel.

The north is home to numerous fledglings of prey, incorporating Griffon vultures, supreme hawks, since a long time ago legged scavengers and Egyptian vultures. A prime site for these species, particularly Griffon vultures, is the Gamla nature save in the southern Golan Heights. A solid stow away has as of late been constructed there on one of the precipices straight crosswise over from a vulture settling site, with huge screens transferring live scenes from a home Polaroid.

Hula Bird

Further north is the Banias nature hold. Its streams, woods, aged remains and gigantic cavern haven Smyrna kingfishers, shake nuthatches, ash wagtails and other waterside and timberland feathered creatures. For waterfowl in northern Israel, visit the Sea of Galilee and the Hula Valley. Around the numerous flying creatures these destinations pull in are cormorants, marbled blue-green, shovelers, moorhens, cranes, reflexive ibis, different kingfishers, swamp harriers, dark storks, white pelicans and the uncommon dwarf cormorant. Formed bird watching tours are accessible inside the Hula Valley Wetlands Nature Reserve.

Ordered by the Israel Ornithological Society, the Hula Valley Bird Festival highlights the exceptional harvest time movement birding in Israel and incorporates regular field excursions as well as outings offering a portable stow away to give extraordinary, insinuate sees. Different exercises incorporate offered speakers and winged animal banding exhibits, and all celebration benefits help underpin neighbourhood preservation exertions.

The Hula Valley, placed in the northern part of the Rift Valley, is home to almost 300 winged creature species that relocate, winter or are inhabitant in the range. This incorporates 20 universally debilitated species and 16 close undermined. It is likewise near other enter birding locales in Northern Israel. This major new occasion for birders is organised by the same group as the demonstrated Eliot Spring Migration Festival. Go along with us for an extravagant week’s birding with planet class winged animal aides, with all your birding outings incorporated and for photographic artists, a just about boundless decision of subjects to keep you occupied all week.

The principal occasion was held in November 2011 and was judged an incredible victory by all who went to, from 12 nations as far and wide as possible. Over 200 types of flying creatures were recorded and 15 types of vertebrate incorporating Wolf and Jungle Cat. Without much fanfare suits birders of all levels, if you are searching for a high animal types record or basically need to revel in one of the fledgling exhibitions of the Palearctic locale. Chances for photography are wonderful with numerous covers up on the fundamental store. The second, similarly solid occasion occurred in 2012, with 197 types of winged animals recorded, well evolved creature highlights again incorporated Jungle Cats.

Vacation at Jerusalem

For numerous birders arranging an outing to Israel, the terminus of decision is Eilat in spring. The Eilat Bird Festival, now heading into its sixth year, has given numerous birders the chance of encountering the incredible birding on offer in the south of the nation; however Israeli birders are quick to guarantee the north of the nation doesn’t get disregarded. Notwithstanding being just 200 miles north of Eilat, the scene couldn’t be more diverse; and with the contrasting scene comes an entire distinctive set of birds — different yet all in all as exceptional.

Our base for the week will be the exact agreeable Pastoral Hotel, all lives with private offices, set in lawned and finished grounds with a bar, restaurant, pool and spa. A brilliant base for the district. Wildings guide Mark Andrews went to the first and foremost, enormously fruitful occasion in 2011 and said “Hula Valley rivals any major feathered creature and untamed life display on the planet you can consider.


Accessibility is restricted, the 2011 and 2012 occasions sold out weeks before they began so unanticipated booking is suggested. The Hula Valley, spotted in the northern part of the Rift Valley, is home to about 300 fowl species that move, winter or are occupant in the range. This incorporates 20 universally undermined species and 16 close debilitated. It is likewise near other enter birding locales in Northern Israel.

This major new occasion for birders is organised by the same group as the demonstrated Eilat Spring Migration Festival. Go along with us for a phenomenal week’s birding with planet class feathered creature manages, with all your birding trips incorporated and for camera people, a very nearly boundless decision of subjects to keep you occupied all week!


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