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Importance of Hamsa To A Better Living

The Hamsa is a way of seeking protection and avoiding the negative effects of an evil eye. In more general terms, it can also be referred to as the “Hand of God”. It is a talismanic method that protects people. The name “Hamsa” has been derived from a Semitic root which means “five”. This actually signifies all the five fingers of the hand. A few people also relate it to the five Bible books, which is also a Jewish name of the original five books contained in the scriptures of the Old Testament. There are two categories into which Hamsa has been divided: wooden home blessings and metallic home blessings.

The hand is believed to be a strong talisman or charm that averts the negative influence of an evil eye. This is normally worn in the neck or tied in the house somewhere on the wall, or on the doors of businesses or homes. These are also placed in cars, entrances in varied forms of charms, amulet and jewelry.


Different types of Hamsa blessing things

In jewelry, one can also find Hamsa bracelets. There are also necklaces and pendants made of Hamsa that are available. There are also hand-made Hamsa items or ornaments that are available. These are especially popular in Middle East, Israel and Morocco. The use of Hamsa items at home or businesses averts the negative influences and other troubles. It creates a protective shield around the members of the family who use them and make their life full of happiness and contentment. The satisfaction that is derived will ensure a calm and tranquil mind that is at peace with the inner self. The people would thus be motivated to the right path and will be able to choose between right and wrong without getting carried away by the negativities that exist around them.

The symbol of Hamsa is also known as the Hamesh hand, and is chiefly considered to be a protective charm by Muslims and Jews. This symbol is identified as Fatima’s Hand by Muslims, who is considered to be Mohammad’s daughter. It is also believed to be symbolizing the five pillars of Islam. On the other hand, for Jews it is Miriam’s hand, from the Bible.

The Hamsa bracelet is used for protection against the evil eye. Hamsa bracelet is considered to be a powerful talisman that is used in the form of jewelry, lucky charms, and wall hangings for bringing in good fortune and prosperity.

Hamsa bracelet is used for protection against evil forces that can cause negative influence in one’s life. The word “hamsa” represents the five fingers on the hand that attaches its religious significance to the Holy Bible to the five books of the Old Testament series.

Hamsa wall hangings are available which are used for homes. These Hamsa home blessings are used in the interiors of homes to protect them from the evil influences that can have bad effects. These handmade Hamsa wall hangings ward off negativity from the homes bringing prosperity and good luck to people. These Hamsa home blessings are used in offices too which help in bringing good luck in business by improving the business opportunities.

Hamsa pendants made from sterling silver and gold are available in different shapes and patterns which can be worn along with chains.

Hamsa bracelets made from gold, silver and leather are also sold in beautiful patterns in various designs that help in protecting against evil eye influences by removing the negative effects and the obstacles that are encountered in one’s life.

We at offers Hamsa wooden home favors which are handmade with endowments written in English, Spanish and Hebrew dialect. These Hamsa home gifts have valuable gemstones in them like Amethyst, Agate, Crystals, Opal among others which have diverse qualities that is advantageous for distinctive purposes. Alongside that, Lucky charms likewise offer Handmade keys holder with home endowments, handcrafted hamsa with birthstones

We at offers an excellent scope of Hamsa metallic home endowments which can be utilized at this very moment. These Hamsa tapestries are all around designed utilizing silver plated birthstones, blue diamond home gifts in distinctive appealing shapes and sizes that are utilized both as a part of the workplaces and homes to acquire good fortunes and satisfaction.

The Hamsa is an extremely fascinating image utilized as a part of both Islamic and Jewish society. Most normally, the Hamsa is made fit as a fiddle of a hand with five fingers outstretched. There is, on the other hand, the interesting Cohanim Hamsa. In this position, the index finger and third finger are joined from one side, and the ring finger and the little finger are joined from the other side. This structures the Hebrew letter “shin” and is the position of a Cohen’s fingers when he favors the gathering.

The name “Hamsa” (“Hansa” in Sanskrit, or “Al Khamsa” in Arabic) is from the Semitic root word for five, and is an exceptionally old image in the Middle East. Despite the fact that it is an old image, the Hamsa is still mainstream today and is accepted to have enchanted forces of security, bliss and success.

Some say that the Jews were the first to receive the utilization of the Hamsa, presently special necklace against the hostile stare. Jewish legend some of the time calls the Hamsa the Hand of Miriam, alluding to Miriam, the sister of Moses, or it is all the more for the most part called the Hand of God.

The Hamsa hand is likewise a prominent talisman with Muslims, who call it the Hand of Fatima, alluding to the little girl of Mohammed. To the Muslims, the Hamsa here and there alludes to the five mainstays of Islam.

The Hamsa (likewise spelled “Chamsa” or “Khamsa”) is an extremely flexible image and can be worn presently, can be utilized at this very moment hanging or is at times even set in an auto for good fortunes and assurance from abhorrence.

At the point when attempting to choose where to hang a Hamsa you may discover a considerable measure of answers, however the fact of the matter is that it is as per your emotions. Hang the Hamsa where you need its powers of achievement or where you yearning its powers of protection. And being worn presently your body, the Hamsa can be utilized at this very moment stylistic theme as a part of your room or lounge, or you could hang it in your kitchen where everybody would be honored, or under the mirror of your auto, to bring favorable luck and thriving.

In respect to whether it is suitable to utilize the Hamsa with the fingers indicating up or down, it relies on whether you wish for insurance against the hostile stare, or for fortunes and achievement. With the fingers pointed up, the Hamsa symbolizes a “stop sign” to the foe, as it were, for security. With the fingers pointed down, the Hamsa symbolizes God’s integrity and gifts coming down to the wearer or to the room where it is hung. The understanding of the Hamsa is for the person who claims it.


For those inspired by numerology, “Hamsa” implies five, which is a prime number. The number five is an intense number symbolizing assurance, influence and favorable luck. The fifth letter of the Hebrew letters in order is “hey,” which signifies “Adonai” (God). “Yad” (Hebrew for “hand,” the state of the Hamsa) has the number 14. In the event that you take the number 14 and perspective it right now 4, it squares with 5, the number for Adonai.

In Chinese reasoning, the number five symbolizes the five detects, five essential hues and five basic exercises – Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood, and it is connected to the “sefira” Geburah, on the tree of life (Kabbalah).

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