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Israel Travel Experience: A One of a Kind Journey

Your Israel travel experience could be one of the most unforgettable travels you will experience in your entire life. You will surely have fund and at the same time experience the Holy Land in a way you could never imagine. The memories you will make as you visit the churches in Israel will surely be breath taking. The land of Israel will show you your religious side as you can surely feel the holiness of the land as you step in every historical place. More to the historical places, you will see a lot of things in your Israel travel experience, things that will remind you of how it was in Israel.

Lighting 33 Candles

Lightening 33 candles is one of the products of Jerusalem that you should have because this 33 candles will be delivered to you after it will be blown out – However, one of the candles will be left in the Holy Sepulchre as a sign of your visit. These candles will be lighted from the Holy Fire on Jesus’s tomb. The candles will also be with a certification that you have received lightening 33 candles. The Holy Fire is considered a miracle, it will always happen at the same time, same manner and at the same year every century. If you would light a candle in the Holy Fire, you are not only respecting Jesus Christ but you are also affirming your belief for the miracle of Holy Fire.

We all know that there is a different kind of feeling and emotion a candle could bring to any occasion, sometimes even if there is no occasion at all. But this lightening 33 candles from Jerusalem is way too different from the rest of the candles because it is filled with its holiness. We all know that Jerusalem is considered the Holy Land and there are a lot of stories and events that has happened in the place that is definitely worth knowing. The story and the journey of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem is one of the greatest journey mankind could hear.

We all want to experience what Jerusalem has to offer us. And you could consider yourself lucky if you had the chance to visit Jerusalem. There are a lot of things that you could experience while in Jerusalem and this includes the beautiful scenery, the religious views and more importantly the feeling of Christianity and holiness that you will feel as you enter every structure in Jerusalem.


Israel Travel

It is true that there are a lot of beautiful places in this world but not all places are blessed with great history that comes in holiness. As you enter the premises of Jerusalem, you will surely feel the presence of Jesus Christ knocking in your heart. You will then understand what kind of journey Jesus Christ went through before as you open your heart and eyes to the places that you will see.


As of now, you are surely hooked at starting your Israel travel experience. But the first thing that you should do is to start planning for this travel. If you have friends or family in Israel then you can simply ask them to tour you in the place but if you don’t then there will always be a lot of travel tours readily available for your convenience. So, what are you waiting for get up and start planning. You can actually use this when planning


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