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Lighting Up Your Homes with Chanukah

Chanukah: Around 2100 years back the Land of Israel went under the guideline of the Syrian-Greek sovereign Antiochus, who issued a progression of pronouncements, intended to compel his Hellenistic belief system and customs upon the Jewish individuals. He banned the investigation of Torah and the recognition of its summons, and contaminated the Holy Temple in Jerusalem with Greek symbols.


A little, boundlessly dwarfed band of Jews pursued fight against the relentless Greek armed forces, and drove them out of the area. When they recovered the Holy Temple, on the 25th of Kislev, they wished to light the Temple’s menorah, just to find that the Greeks had defiled practically all the oil. All that remained was one cruse of immaculate oil, enough to most recent one night—and it would take eight days to get new, unadulterated oil.

Phenomenally, the one-day supply of oil kept going eight days and evenings, and the occasion of Chanukah was set up. To honor and expose these supernatural occurrences, we light the Chanukah menorah on each of the eight evenings of Chanukah. This year, we begin lighting the menorah on Sunday night December 6, 2015.

The Menorah

The fundamental components of a genuine menorah are eight holders for oil or candles and an extra holder, set separated from the rest, for the shamash (“chaperon”) light.

The Chanukah lights can either be flame blazes or oil-powered. Since the supernatural occurrence of Chanukah happened with olive oil – the little cruse of oil that went on for eight days – an oil menorah is desirable over a flame one, and olive oil is the perfect fuel. Cotton wicks are favored in light of the smooth fire they create.

At whatever point acquiring a mitzvah article, we attempt to purchase the loveliest one that is inside of our methods. Thus, if at all conceivable, go for the silver menorah. Embellishing a mitzvah is our method for communicating our gratefulness to God, and indicating how sincerely we hold His edicts.

The eight candles of the menorah must be masterminded in a straight, even line, not in a crisscross or with a few lights higher than others. In the event that it is an oil menorah, the oil containers must hold enough oil to smolder for the obliged time – no less than 30 minutes on weeknights, and up to one-and-a-half hours on Friday evening. On the off chance that it is a flame menorah, the candles ought to be sufficiently extensive to blaze for the obliged time.

Electric menorahs are incredible for showcase purposes, and are an eminent medium for publicizing the Chanukah marvel. However, the Chanukah lights used to satisfy the mitzvah ought to be genuine flares energized by wax or oil – like the blazes in the Holy Temple.

The Shamash


The shamash – the “specialist” flame that is utilized to encourage alternate lights – sits a touch higher or lower than alternate candles, on the ninth branch of the menorah. Numerous Jews have a custom to utilize light for the shamash.

In spite of the fact that the shamash’s essential capacity has been served once the candles have been lit, we don’t smother the shamash. Rather, we set it in its place contiguous alternate lights, prepared to “serve” on the off chance that a flame smothers. Another motivation behind why we leave the shamash lit is on the grounds that it is taboo to utilize the Chanukah lights for any handy reason. Along these lines, if a flame is required, the shamash is accessible for utilization, safeguarding the holiness of the mitzvah lights.

Men and ladies alike are committed to take an interest in the menorah lighting. In a few families, the leader of the family unit lights the family menorah while others listens to the favors and answers, “So be it.” In numerous different families, all individuals from the family unit, including youngsters, light their own menorahs. In any case, it is critical for everybody to be available and included when the Chanukah marvel is happily honored.

Light the menorah in your own home. On the off chance that you are going away, set up your menorah wherever you will be staying for the night. In the event that you will be spending the night in a Jewish home, you have the choice of giving your host a dollar or somewhere in the vicinity, a typical commitment towards the menorah costs, and after that you are secured by his/her menorah lighting – or believe it or not, light your own menorah as well. Two candles are more capable than one!


Understudies who live in residences or their own particular flats ought to arouse menorahs in their own particular rooms or in a public eating territory. In spots where this is restricted, a rabbi ought to be counseled as to where to arouse the menorah.

You can set up the menorah in a focal entryway. Place it on a seat or little table close to the doorpost that is inverse the mezuzah. Along these lines, when you go through the entryway, you are encompassed by two mitzvot – the mezuzah and the menorah. In a perfect world, the menorah lights ought to be somewhere around 12 and 40 inches off the ground. Then again you can set up your menorah on a windowsill confronting the road. This choice ought to just be practiced if the window is less than thirty feet over the level of the ground.

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