Reasons to Visit the Holy Land

There are a lot of reasons to visit the holy land and it is all worth it to actually put the Holy Land on top of your list to visit because Israel is not just culturally rich but the place is full of endless stories, stories that we actually don’t usually hear. Not only as a Christian but it is actually surreal that you are actually walking on the same ground that Jesus Christ is walking.

You will surely be amazed of the beautiful destinations such as the Mt.Olives, Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Jericho, the Garden Tomb, Jerusalem and many more places that you may not usually hear but will surprise you because of the history that waits to be discovered. Make your way through the streets of Jerusalem and reflect on the sacrifice He gave in this city that changed the world. You will visit amazing places where Jesus walked, was baptized, hung on a cross, convicted and born.

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Our Jordan and Israel tours bring life and meaning to your favorite Bible passages. Experience marvelous destinations, monuments, attractions, and natural wonders including thousands-of-years of history, culture, religions, and civilizations that will make you realize what our history is really about. You will see where Joshua crossed into the Promised Land, where Moses stood and looked into The Land, where Elijah was swept up to heaven, Petra plus so much more.

Holy Land Tours

Explore the Holy Land in a unique and hands-on way with adventures such as our Dig-for-a-Day program where we dig, sift, and examine pottery. The adventurous among us can do some exciting exploration of unexcavated cave systems that are accessed through leather straps. Maybe you would enjoy a helicopter ride over the unique environment, affording fantastic views of the rare crater-like landscape. How about a dip in the mud? We also visit Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. Enjoy a nice float and coat yourself in the natural mud at the bottom of the mineral rich lake. Christian visitors touring the Holy Land will not be disappointed with the ample supply of activities, both physical and spiritual.

True enough, there are a lot of reasons for you to visit the holy land simply because of the richness of the place and all of the good things that sums up the whole fact about our Christianity.

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