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Spending Sabbath in the Western Wall of Jerusalem

On a stage in the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem’s Old City, just before one the Western Wall is an expansive brilliant Menorah encased in glass. Typical of the vessels that were utilized as a part of the Temple before its annihilation, the Menorah makes for a moving prologue to the Western Wall. As you drop many steps you can see the Western Wall.

Western Wall Jerusalem


On Friday evening, just before the Sabbath, a great many individuals accumulate for petition to God administrations to introduce the Sabbath. As you achieve the edge of the vast court that ranges out before the Western Wall, gatherings of individuals mastermind majorities of ten or more men to take part in their own particular administrations. When you pass through the court you see a wide cross segment of Jews and non-Jews much the same, each on their own profound journey to unite with the Jewish Sabbath.

As you enter the range before the Western Wall you are encompassed by an ocean of religious men wearing high contrast, with warriors hitting the dance floor with their weapons immovably strapped over their shoulders, and all exclusively communicating with the Creator of the Universe who permitted The Temple to be constructed and annihilated and who with the value of offspring of Abraham will permit it to be remade at the end of the day.

Looking over to the lady’s area the scene is the same: rings of lady, some with their hands waving circulating everywhere extending to touch and be touched profoundly. In this ocean of a great many admirers you can see the characteristics of adolescent and old, all candidly put into the bliss of acquiring the Sabbath. The tunes are so profound and entering that one is cleared up in the music of the spirit and brought to more elevated amount of otherworldly mindfulness.

Western Wall Jerusalem

Western Wall

Abruptly somebody snatches your hand and you are moving in a move of a large number of years of history. Furthermore this is the force of The Western Wall: it serves an indication of who we were, who we are and who we can get to be. Also for a minute you see the brilliant Menorah lit and remaining inside the Temple. Only for that encounter alone, The Western Wall is worth the visit.

It was made just in night so that nobody can meddle in the working advancement. In the 70 AD the Jerusalem and the Western Wall were crushed by Romans. For Jews it is known as the journey place. The conventional Jews visit day by day to the western divider and you can see they face to the divider and ask or serenade. There are numerous things to be seen in this spot including the colossal, lower stones of the divider, Tisha B’av, Barclay’s door, Robinsons Arch, Western Wall Tunnel and part more. Here all religions are been invited and not consistently yet consistently there are different guests and Jews. So what are you waiting for come and feel what its like to be in the Western Wall, for more information you can visit



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