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The Basic Facts of Catholic Pilgrimages to the Holy Land

In a Christian point of view it is the practice of people caught up in a religious ceremony, in an easier way of saying it, it is simply a practice of any religious ceremony that is not in lined or related with any Christian practice. It is the practice outside all of the other religions. Pagans worship one god and they don’t belong in any religion. The practice of the pagans is ought to be bad for Christianity since Christianity it extremely prevalent in any city or country. In Nigeria, it divides their country in to two, religion and state.

St. Andrew Church Jerusalem

Despite all of these differences in terms of our religion, we continued to worship and believe in our own faith because we know that as long as we have faith in our hearts no matter what religion or practice we believe in.
Pilgrimage is the way of discovering your faith and beliefs. It is a journey of discovering yourself, your beliefs through your religion. It doesn’t matter if wasted your time long enough because you will always have a new tomorrow to make things rights. This is the same when it comes to our religion, you may not be able to see every church in the world but know that in every church built God is always present. If you go on a pilgrim, you will discover a lot of things not only about religion but the culture that lies in defining such religion.

Pilgrimage is a long journey taken by people who are usually seeking for God. It is a deeper kind of devotion of discovering oneself and God. It is a travel that it very satisfying not because of all the adventure that you will experience but the spiritual experience not all of us are able to experience in this lifetime. It is the travel of visiting all of the holy places around the world. The Knights Templar was first organized by a monastic order to guide the pilgrims with their travels. As time evolved and pilgrims are increasing in number pilgrim operators were provided.


There was a time when Jewish communities were migrated and expelled which led to the distribution of Jewish communities all throughout. With this religious practice was spread and was taught to a lot of people, it brought people closer to religion and many churches were built all over the world which is where the pilgrims are going now.

Vatican is one of the city that pilgrims go, although it is a small city but it is located at the center of the Rome and the church built in Vatican is the biggest as it almost reach the sky. As the say, it is the church that sends your prayers faster to God since it closer to Him.

Pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place ought to be meaningful because as a pilgrim you will have the opportunity to get out of your busy life and have some time to be in a quiet place and reflect things in your life. It allows you to walk through anything that’s lingering your mind. Aside from that, it is also a highly sociable activity giving you the chance to meet other pilgrims that share the same beliefs as yours.

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