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The Kiddush Cup and Its Great Story


Kiddush Cup: As one of the central purposes of the Sabbath, an attractive Kiddush container can improve your festival. We offer customary things that summon the quality and sentiment of the past, upscale things that discuss style and refinement, and artisanal things that change your family’s conventional feast everlastingly by presenting another tasteful.

We have a few chronicled imitation Kiddush cup, all of which join an authentication of realness from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. We offer a sterling silver copy of a Kiddush container from 17th century Augsburg, Germany, when Jews weren’t permitted to join proficient societies and had their custom articles created by Christians.

Kiddush Cup

An upscale exhibit of Kiddush cup is accessible from world renowned silversmithing shop Hazorfim. Hazorfim was established in Israel in 1952 by top abilities from Eastern Europe. Today you can discover Hazorfim in the accumulations of eminence and presidents around the world. We offer containers with and without stems and additionally different container sets, in different themes, every immortal outline and all in sterling silver. For a comparative look that is more moderate, search through our nickel-plated alternatives, accessible in comparable styles at a small amount of the cost. Different saucers to finish your Sabbath administration are accessible also.

Another exquisite and lavish alternative is our choice of enameled pewter glasses, accessible in containers with and without stems or in six container sets. These are adorned with 24K gold plating, delightfully hued polish and gems, delineating either an Old Jerusalem theme or seven types of Israel theme.


We are pleased to present a line of artisanal Kiddush mugs. Jerusalem-based craftsman Yair Emanuel has made lovely wooden containers, with stems and without stems, or in six glass sets. Both the containers and their going with saucers are improved with hand-painted themes fusing Old Jerusalem scenes and the seven types of Israel.

Yair Emanuel additionally has a progression of excellent anodized aluminum Kiddush glasses, accessible in strong contemporary shading plans, independently with coordinating saucer or in sets of six, with a coordinating plate. Look at Lily Shohat’s hand-painted glass Kiddush mugs with coordinating saucers. Lily has revitalized well known themes with brilliant lively hues and decorated her works with metal plaques and gems. At last, we have a few Kiddush glasses from Avner Agayof, fashioned in his mark hyper-moderate style, in anodized aluminum.

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