Eilat Negev

Timna Park In The Negev

Timna Park Entrance Fee: Admission Charge (includes filling sand colored bottles)

Location: Close to the north of Eilat about twenty five kilometers away

Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursday – 8:00 am to 4:00 pm; Holiday eve until 1:00 pm

Summer time: Friday and Sunday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Telephone: 011-972-8-631-6756

Must-See Sites In Timna Park

Timna Park is a beautiful place, which has entwined history and breathtaking scenery, to make it a fun filled tourist destination in Israel. It is closely situated in the north of Eilat, which runs through the Red Sea. Timna Park is widely spread across over sixty square kilometers and is shaped in the form of an incredible horseshoe. The geology, which makes up Timna Park, is extraordinary. Some of the natural prehistoric formations to see include King Solomon’s Pillars, the Arches, the Mushrooms and formations of sandstone while other famous and extraordinary sites to visit are Shrine of Hathor, Rock Drawings and Tabernacle replica.

Timna Park In The Negev

Shrine of Hathor

During the Seti I reign, nearing the end of the 14th Century B.C. – the Shrine of Hathor was built. Hathor is known as one of goddesses during the ancient times. She was also known by other names such as the Lady of the Hawk, Goddess of the Mines, Goddess of Turquoise, Goddess Love, Joy, Mirth and Lady of the Hawk – to name a few. Archaeologists found thousands of artifacts namely sculptures, jewellery and hieroglyphics inside the shrine, which were evidence of the Midianite cult activities. You may also witness another famous Egyptian rock carving of Ramses III along with Hathor, which can be found right beside the shrine.

Rock Drawings

Throughout the Timna Valley Park, you will see different rock drawings, which reflect the various empires that ruled before. One of the must-see Egyptian drawing is the Chariots. This shows a carving of the Egyptian warriors with their shields and axes while on Chariots driven by oxes. It has been theorized that ostriches were once inhabitants of the area since rock drawings of them were also found in the area.

Stone Formations

The most famous and fascinating stone formation in Timna Park is “Solomon’s Pillars“. The name was chosen as the stone formation was associated to King Solomon – though this has not be scientifically accepted and proven. These were formed as results of water erosion that happened centuries ago. A series of structures in the shape of pillars are now the main attractions for many tourists, especially for archaeologists.

Timna Park In The Negev

Another is The Mushroom, which can be found along the roads in the area. This stone formation is made of a large rock standing on top of a small pillar made of red sandstone. It is said to have been the product of water erosion, wind and humidity over a long period of time. Surrounding the Mushroom are copper ore smelting sites, which can be dated back centuries ago.

Seen along the western cliff of Timna Park is the popular Arches. Though these rock formations are not unique compared to the other formations in the area, it is still a popular in the Timna Park.

Replica of the Tabernacle

This life-size tabernacle replica is based from the Bible taken from Exodus 25:8-10 as God says to Moses, “They shall make me a sanctuary, and I will dwell among them. You must make the tabernacle and all its furnishings following the plan that I am showing you.” This served as the transportable sanctuary as Moses and his people transported from Egypt to the Holy Land. In the replica, you will see the ceremonial basin called “laver” plus an altar with the complete set of the incense altar, a table with twelve loaves of bread that are used for Shabbat and the menorah. Inside the replica of tabernacle, the Holy of Holies is found. This the ark which contains the pot of mann, the rod of Aaron and the Ten Commandments.


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