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Visiting the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Exhibition Dates: Ongoing-December, 2012

One of Israel’s ‘leading artistic and cultural institutions,’ in addition to being recognized as an internationally acclaimed art museum, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a must for the art aficionado who finds themselves in Tel Aviv.

Perfect for taking an hour or even a half a day to browse around, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art has been a staple in the Israeli art scene since 1932, when it was originally founded by Meir Dizengoff, Tel Aviv’s first mayor.  Dizengoff built the museum out of his personal home, when it only housed a few dozen art exhibits.  This art collection has grown significantly since 1932, with the museum now home to numerous art buildings, a sculpture garden, an art education center as well as a variety of libraries, rotating art exhibits, and ongoing musical concerts and films.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has a wide variety of current art exhibits which are ongoing from now until the end of December, 2012.  If you are visiting between now and December 2012, there are many Israeli and international exhibits housed all under one roof, which offer great promise.

Paradise of Birds Hula Valley

  • Shirly Bar-Amotz : Happy Days
  • The 2012 Andrea M. Bronfman Prize
  • From present until October 13, 2012

Come see the artwork of award-winning Israeli jewelry artist, Shirly Bar-Amotz.  A lecturer in the Department of Jewelry at Israeli’s leading art and design institute, Bezalel Academy, her exhibit is a stunning socio-political commentary on the lives of current Israelis.  Her ‘Happy Days’ jewelry pieces are a combination of metalwork, synthetic and readymade materials.  Each piece of jewelry is a brooch with a silver metal animal trapped by a mass of colors, swirls and synthetic materials.  The brooches are meant to represent the ‘stuck’ nature of Israelis in their tough political circumstances.

  • Encounters in Edvard Munch’s Space
  • From present until November 10, 2012

Munch was the internationally acclaimed Norwegian artist and painter who brought us ‘The Scream,’ as well as a variety of other paintings focusing on the psyche and psychology.  If you’re a fan of Munch, then you’re in luck.  This exhibit takes a number of intriguing Edvard Munch art works and juxtaposes them next to the work of artistic contemporaries who have referenced his work.  Come if you’re a Munch fan and stay to see the interpretation of Munch’s work in the artistic inspirations of Orit Hofshi, Michal Heiman and Shai Zurim.  Some of the Munch works being featured in this exhibit are: Self-Portrait with Wine Bottle (circa 1930,) Melancholy (Evening on the Shore) woodcut from 1901, Vampire lithograph and woodcut 1895 (1902,) and the Jealousy (small) lithograph from 1896.

  • Critical Mass: Contemporary Art from India
  • From present until December 16, 2012

Come see paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations by 17world recognized Indian artists.  The art exhibit is meant to represent the last two decades of India’s rich political and social atmosphere, fraught with conflict and unrest.  Come see valuable visual art interpretations of India’s politics, from the works of young, well-known Indian artists.

Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply want to spend a few hours checking out one of Israel’s most famous art museums, you’ll be sure to find plenty of exhibits to peak your interest at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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