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Nocturnal Festivals in the Old City of Jerusalem

Old City of Jerusalem From October-December 2012

Welcome to the Old City of Jerusalem ‘enchanted evenings,’ a variety of evening extravaganzas brought to you by the Prime Minister’s Office, Jerusalem Development Authority and Old City of Jerusalem  .  With a wide variety of nighttime festivals, activities and tourist sites with additional hours of operation, there are so many events to participate in if you’re visiting the Old City of Jerusalem between October and December 2012.

  • Jerusalem Knights in the Old City-Knights and Dragons
  • October 2012: 18, 25
  • November 2012: 1, 8

In the spirit of the medieval ages, the Jerusalem Knights in the Old City of Jerusalem is an annual festival, which celebrates with knights, dragons, kings, queens and princesses, as well as magicians and court jesters in the Christian Quarter of the Old City.  This year, the annual festival takes place at the Church of the Redeemer, with admission free for all of those who wish to attend.


It’s quite easy to picture yourself in medieval times with the enchanting, almost mythical background of the ancient stone walls, and the Old City of Jerusalem vivid history, with knights and crusaders as a crucial element of Jerusalem’s ancient history.

It’s a nighttime extravaganza, complete with acrobats, theatre, circus tricks, stories and a great battle good and evil, with the Knights of the night protecting the Old City of Jerusalem from the Knights of Hell and their cadre of dragons.  Who shall emerge victorious, good or evil?  You’ll have to come and watch this sword fighting, dragon slaying adventure in order to know.

Perfect fun for the whole family, the Knights in the Old City of Jerusalem Festival is sure to delight.  Visitors take note to bring a thick sweater, as fall and winter evenings in Jerusalem get chilly.  For more information, please dial +972-2-531-4600.

  • Street Theatre
  • Ongoing Until December 31, 2012
  • Mondays, 19-21:00

Get ready to learn about Jerusalem with an awesome street theatre performance.  This is the ultimate family activity if you have a few hours after dinner and before bedtime.  Come with the kids right after dinner and watch a two-hour tour and performance near Jaffa Gate (held on Yehudim 70 street.)

Actors will introduce you to the history of Jerusalem, dating as far back as the days of the Ancient temple of Jerusalem and into the 19th century.  Also brought to you by the Prime Minister’s Office, Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem City Municipality, this initiative is meant to not only inform and educate, but also to entertain and delight.

Actors and trained guides will help you get acquainted with Jerusalem’s leading historical figures, as well as ancient tales of old, a professional tour and all of the history about Jerusalem that you always wanted to learn.  At 45 shekels a tour, it’s not only an affordable opportunity to explore the Old City of Jerusalem, but educational and entertaining.

Again, it gets rather chilly in the Old City of Jerusalem in the fall and winter, and especially in the evening, so be sure to bring sweaters for the entire family.

For more information, please call +972-626-4488, or email info@reshit.or g.
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